Picture Story : London Court – Perth WA

London Court is a little piece of England tucked away in the heart of Perth City , that I stumbled upon by accident .Built in 1937 , this quaint shopping arcade has of course been there for close to 80 years , however yours truly ended up there one sunny day after taking a wrong turn on St.Georges Terrace . and yes , I did forget all the errands I was on that day , as I was so captivated by the Elizabethan /Tudor architecture , the gargoyles , shields , crests and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee . The most interesting thing for me was the clock at the Hay Street end , showcasing mechanised knights appearing to joust with each other , when the clock chimes. Nothing makes a girl’s day like finding a knight in shining armour , even if it’s a mechanised one . There are quite a few specialty retail shops in the arcade , selling items such as chocolates , souvenirs , jewellery to Ugg Boots and you can very easily find that unique gift you may sometime end up searching for. The cafes have outdoor as well as indoor seating , so you can relax and enjoy some delicious food and beverage whilst you gaze on the fellow travellers passing by. So if you are ever in Perth , London court is a must see city attraction , even if you are from England . For those who love to Instagram , it is a picture perfect location , so please do come armed with a camera .


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