My City to Surf Experience

For those of you who do not know what City to Surf is , it is an annual event held in August in Perth .There is also a City to Surf event in Sydney , but my experience is of the Perth event.

Established in 1975 , it is a popular road running /walking and marathon event , consisting of distances of 4 , 12 , 21 or 42 kilometres . Participants have the freedom of choice , to walk or run whichever distances they prefer , from Perth CBD to City Beach . Needless to say I opted to walk the 12 km distance . The event is organized by the Active Foundation to benefit people with disabilities.

So , on the morning of the last Sunday of August , I dragged my chirpy ( not ) self out of bed so that I could meet the rest of the team at 9:00 am near the starting point . And believe me  , 9:00 am on a Sunday , is very early for this girl . People prepare well in advance for this event , but obviously my preparation was the 3km walk I did on the previous day , over to the Besties . Although feeling apprehensive at first , I did get into the spirit of things when I saw the massive crowd of participants eagerly awaiting the start of the event.

The first couple of kilometres was a breeze , that is , until we came upon the first hill . Somehow I managed to crawl up that first hill , but seeing even little children ranging from ages 5 or so onwards happily skipping along with their mothers , did make that crawl easier and of course , there was always the down hill walk to look forward to .Seeing the midway mark later on made me more driven and enthusiastic and of course the funny signage along the way helped too . Yes , I would have jumped for joy on seeing the 6km sign , had I not been so desperately out of breath.

Yet despite the uphill battles , I did manage to complete the 12km walk in 2:18:00 , and felt very proud of myself as I walked across the finish line . It was a very enriching experience , and at the end of it , I felt like a Lilliputian who survived a walk with the giants . Of course , being awarded a medal for completing the walk totally helped too !

P:S – I think I am even looking forward to doing it again next year ..


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