How do you “Unbreak “a Broken Heart ?

there is an ocean of opportunity let time heal the wounds

“Is it even possible ? “ , you may ask , because right now your heart is broken , into tiny gazillion pieces and trying to super glue it together again may look like a daunting task . But I say, it certainly is possible…trust me , I have had my fair share of heart breaks and so have a lot of my friends . In fact, I am yet to meet a person who has not had their heart broken at one time or another. But let’s get one thing clear , I am not just talking about heart break through love , you know that moment when the guy you loved for ages dumps you for another girl ( or vice versa ) , but other times as well , when you don’t get the promotion you deserve at work , or when your teenage child is all grown up and getting ready to leave the parental nest , yes , those occasions also cause this thing we call “ heart break “ .Of course , on a scale of 1 to 10 , it may differ on how we rate each of these heart breaks , with a broken heart caused by love possibly scoring the all-time high of 10 , and we would obviously not be feeling ecstatic like a gymnast who got a perfect score.

The first time I got my heart broken, I cried a river of tears and went on to get some hair of the dog that bit me, as a cure .Big Mistake! , I guess it only works on alcohol. That mistaken cure lead to more heartbreak, more tears and the ultimate fail safe…RUN AWAY!Yes , I ran way to a brand new life , where no one knew me and where my failures did not stare me in the face. Then there was the career heart break, where I had been eagerly awaiting for a certain vacancy to come up, and when it did, I applied for it, knowing I ticked all the right boxes and that it was well deserved. Did I get it?no …and let me tell you , there was nothing worse , at that time , than reading that letter which started with “ we regret to inform ..” , all my hopes came crumbling to the ground , and I found a little corner at work to cry deep gulping tears . Then someone very wise said to me, “there will always be other opportunities, when one door closes another will open “. Not being a parent, I have not yet had to face a grown up child heart break, but I am sure it hurts just the same.

The point is, all those heart breaks have taught me one thing, running away or hair of the dog, will not ease the pain. It takes time and patience. Sometimes new experiences, meeting new people, a new job, can make the pain blur a little, but it will be there in the background. But time will heal the wound, yes, you will have a little scar, but that too will fade someday. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stay at home and mope to pass the time , instead get active , get yourself out there , learn something new , open your arms out and embrace a new experience . All that will act as the medicine, but don’t forget, time is your doctor. It worked for me and it will work for you.


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