Tourist for a day: Shipwreck Galleries, Fremantle ,Western Australia

Ever since Bonnie Blue came roaring into my life, I have been waiting for exams to finish and a free weekend to do some touristy things. Well, this Saturday was perfect weather and off we went to Fremantle, fondly referred to as Freo by the Perthians. On a side note, since I was still getting used to Bonnie, I had the Bestie’s hubby as a passenger to boost up my confidence. Having dropped him off to slave away at work, I went off to be a tourist for a day, after all, I had lots of hours to kill until he finished. What I did with Bonnie Blue, you may ask. Well , we left Bonnie Blue safely tucked away under the shade of a tree on a side street .Yes , Bonnie is of the four wheel variety that guzzles gas when she is hungry .

My destination for the day was the WA museum, housing the Shipwreck Galleries. The museum is home to hundreds of relics salvaged from ships wrecked along WA‘s coastline, including the original timbers from The Batavia, a ship belonging to the Dutch East India Company (VOC). There are also artefacts from the Dutch Shipwrecks Zuytdorp , Zeewijk and Vergulde Draeck. Even though being wrecked due to striking a reef, the Batavia has a story of mutiny and murder. You can read more about it here

Entry to the museum is by donation and photography is allowed. Which is why I am not going to write too much about what I saw, but instead I will let your eyes feast on the pictorial presentation. Make sure you have lots of time on hand, because there are quite a lot of displays and galleries. I think I spent about 3 – 4 totally captivated hours looking at the exhibits and reading about them.

After the Shipwreck Galleries , I spent my day gallivanting about the town , as Freo is full of things to see such as the markets , the Maritime Museum and of course , the Beach . And if you get hungry, there are numerous places to choose from. Freo is a great place to be a tourist for a day.

How to get to the Shipwreck Galleries:

The Blue Cat (not the four legged kind, but a free bus service around the city), will get you there, get off at stop number 17 which is almost at the doorstep of the museum.

.(Toured on 17/10/2015)


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