A Spinach & Chickpea Dinner

When I started this blog, I did write on the “About Me “page, that I like to read food blogs. And sometimes I actually do cook food that catch my fancy off those food blogs.

One such blog that I have continuously been reading for the last couple of years is Budget Bytes. I have tried out a number of her recipes, before I started writing, and they all turned out perfect.

So it was where I ended up last night, whilst looking for an easy one pot recipe that had Spinach on it. Why Spinach? Only because lately I have been neglecting my greens and had some frozen Spinach in the freezer. The recipe also called for chickpea and fetta, two of my favourite ingredients.

The only change I made was to season my dish with cracked pepper before I ate, because these days I have a craving for a peppery taste.

A spinach and chickpea rice pilaf

Like A Wildflower

I am not a very poetic person , but the other day I snapped a photo of some flowers , and it inspired me to come up with this verse below.

You started growing

In my heart a time ago

Like a wildflower

Untamed , no control

All over my psyche

Consuming my soul

Nothing can keep you away

You creep over my heart

Gripping in your tendrils

Holding on so tight

Never let me go


Its Curry Time

Every once in a while , my tastebuds make a straight run for home , to an island cuisine filled with aromatic spices , lots of chillies , coconut , and various types of curries. So for most of the week gone by I was craving a typical Sri Lankan curry , and decided to make canned mackerel curry for dinner tonight. I had picked up a packet of frozen parathas at the shops on Saturday , so it would be a curry and paratha meal. Since I have a bad memory for recipes , I referred to a video done by the Bestie on how to make canned mackerel curry , quick and easy .

As you can see , my efforts worked out quite well , and the tastebuds are now satisfied, at least until the next time they get a curry craving .

Christmas in a Bus

The jolly season is here in full force . I have been in Perth for eight years now , and so far Christmas has been rather quiet in terms of things like decorations . By quiet I mean in comparison to places like Singapore ( Orchard Street ) or even Colombo , where the buildings get strung up with lights , and you find some sort of decoration nearly every corner you turn. Which is why I was pleasantly ( understatement of the century there , I will go with ” jaw dropping “) surprised when I got into a Transperth Bus on Thursday evening , to go home , and nearly got smacked in the face with all sorts of tinsel , bright shiny Christmas décor . Had the bus driver been dressed as Santa , then that would have totally completed the look.

I put these up on Facebook , and the Bestie summed it up in one gorgeous , smart aleck description . And I quote below :

 –            ” It’s like Christmas threw up in a bus ”         –




A thousand steps to my heart

So the other day the Bestie tells me she woke up with a few lines of a poem running through her head and I kept on asking her to complete it but she just would not. Only problem was that she told me the lines and they kept reverberating inside my head , so much so that I had to get it out. Below is the completed effort , with Bestie approval.

I need to get some sleep,I swear I’ve been trying to, but you took a 1000 steps to my heart
You knocked on the door to my life
Now i am trying to reason
Are you just a dream
The things you say
The things you do
Are you from a wonderland
Shall i put on my magic red shoes
And do a nonstop dance
Pretty please , tell me now
Before I wander down
The yellow brick road
Are you just a dream. ..

From : your modern day Alice

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