A thousand steps to my heart

So the other day the Bestie tells me she woke up with a few lines of a poem running through her head and I kept on asking her to complete it but she just would not. Only problem was that she told me the lines and they kept reverberating inside my head , so much so that I had to get it out. Below is the completed effort , with Bestie approval.

I need to get some sleep,I swear I’ve been trying to, but you took a 1000 steps to my heart
You knocked on the door to my life
Now i am trying to reason
Are you just a dream
The things you say
The things you do
Are you from a wonderland
Shall i put on my magic red shoes
And do a nonstop dance
Pretty please , tell me now
Before I wander down
The yellow brick road
Are you just a dream. ..

From : your modern day Alice


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