Christmas in a Bus

The jolly season is here in full force . I have been in Perth for eight years now , and so far Christmas has been rather quiet in terms of things like decorations . By quiet I mean in comparison to places like Singapore ( Orchard Street ) or even Colombo , where the buildings get strung up with lights , and you find some sort of decoration nearly every corner you turn. Which is why I was pleasantly ( understatement of the century there , I will go with ” jaw dropping “) surprised when I got into a Transperth Bus on Thursday evening , to go home , and nearly got smacked in the face with all sorts of tinsel , bright shiny Christmas décor . Had the bus driver been dressed as Santa , then that would have totally completed the look.

I put these up on Facebook , and the Bestie summed it up in one gorgeous , smart aleck description . And I quote below :

 –            ” It’s like Christmas threw up in a bus ”         –





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