A Spinach & Chickpea Dinner

When I started this blog, I did write on the “About Me “page, that I like to read food blogs. And sometimes I actually do cook food that catch my fancy off those food blogs.

One such blog that I have continuously been reading for the last couple of years is Budget Bytes. I have tried out a number of her recipes, before I started writing, and they all turned out perfect.

So it was where I ended up last night, whilst looking for an easy one pot recipe that had Spinach on it. Why Spinach? Only because lately I have been neglecting my greens and had some frozen Spinach in the freezer. The recipe also called for chickpea and fetta, two of my favourite ingredients.

The only change I made was to season my dish with cracked pepper before I ate, because these days I have a craving for a peppery taste.

A spinach and chickpea rice pilaf


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