Milk Rice (Kiribath) – A Sri Lankan Tradition

Happy 2016 to all my readers! I know it is late as January already draws to a close, but we do say “better late than never “. I have been quite a lazy writer this month, and this is my first post for the month as well as 2016. I promise to do better from next month onwards!!

Milk Rice or Kiribath as it is called in Sri Lanka , is made for all celebratory ,or what we call auspicious , occasions without fail , and in many houses it is the first meal cooked on the first day of January. This tradition is kept by many of us expats, and it is believed that the tradition brings Good Luck all around the year.

Although the origins of the Kiribath is not clear , it has been around for a long time as it is mentioned that Sujata offered milk rice to Gautama Buddha whilst he was meditating under a Banyan Tree , just before attaining Enlightment.

In Sri Lanka Kiribath is a dish held in high esteem by all communities alike and regardless of being rich or poor , it is made in all houses at every auspicious time and it something that all of us look forward to eating.

The recipe or process of making Kiribath is rather simple and requires few basic ingredients of rice, milk (Coconut milk or normal everyday use milk) and a pinch of salt. It can be made on the stove top using a pot or even using a rice cooker.

I will share with you a video done by the Bestie on how to make Kiribath on the stovetop. When I made mine, I used coconut milk instead of normal milk, as I prefer the rich and more traditional flavours. In Sri Lanka we make a lunumiris (a mixture of red onions and spices) to accompany the Kiribath, but it is such a versatile dish that can be accompanied by curries, or if you have a sweet tooth, with Jaggery or even with a banana. I had mine with some quick microwave made chilli paste.


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