About Me and My Gypsy Heart

I am an original Sri Lankan lass currently settled far away from my island home , in Perth , Western Australia. This is my home now , but the occasional travel bug hits and then my gypsy heart goes wandering in search of new destinations and experiences.

This is my attempt to share it with you… Oh yes , and recently I have discovered a latent talent in me ..cooking ..so once in a while I will digress from my travels and will tell you all about my kitchen exploits..

You will probably ask at this point ..what’s a Hazelnut got to do with a Gypsy Heart ..well ..Hazelnut represents for me the unexpected , I used to totally favour macadamias , but it all changed last year , and now ..this Gypsy Heart needs a Hazelnut to beat.. someday I will tell you that story ..until then ..let me take you on some exciting journeys .


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